Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creating Templates for 1977 cards

The 1977 Topps Baseball Card set featured a pretty easy to work with template.  The player photo is in a box and there are no overlays.  All I needed to do was create a separate template for each color scheme surrounding the player position flag.  I also needed to create a transparency over the player photo box in order to add the new photos.  The final step is to manually type in the player name using the Franklin Gothic Heavy font style.  Here are some step by steps on how that was done.

The checkerbox area in the middle is whee the photo will go.  I copy / paste in the position of the player.  The team name is copied and pasted.  5 teams used this exact color scheme for the 1977 set.  There are 6 color schemes in all.

This is a card for Fred Holdsworth who pitched 42 innings for Montreal in 1977.  His '77 card (see below) shows him on Baltimore.  To create a card for him on Montreal I had to do a lot of airbrushing and cut/paste.  I turned his Oriole cap into an Expo cap, which wasn't hard since both have multicolored panels and a white base.  I copied the Expo logo and pasted it on to the cap.  Then I copied just his head shot and pasted it on the body of Scott Sanderson's 1982 Fleer card.

The original 1977 Fred Holdsworth card taken while he was on the Orioles in 1976.  Fred was dealt to the Expos on July 14, 1977 from Baltimore for a player to be named later.  He will have two cards in the set.  The original will be named Fred_Holdsworth.jpg and the update will be Fred_Holdsworth_MON.jpg.  When we use 2 cards for a player who was traded and played for 2 or more teams the updates with always have the new team's name (ie.._MON) used as a differentiator.

Here is Scott Sanderson's Fleer Card from 1982 that I decapitated him from and added Freddy's head shot.  Make note that no present or former MLB player was hurt or scared due to this process and since no profit was made I'm pretty sure that no copy-write infringement occurred either (fingers crossed, LOL !)

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