Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1977 Montreal Expos

After managing the cellar dweller 1976 Montreal Expos I get the perk of watching those young stallions run wild and improve in 1977.  This team lost 107 games in '76 and finally said goodbye to the outdated Parc Jary.  Moving into the spacious Stadie Olimpique' the Expos had some young players waiting to step into stardom.  Future HOF'er Andre Dawson would be one of those stars on the rise.  In the 1977 Topps Set, Dawson's rookie card was a panel shot with other NL rookie OF'ers.  In the updated set I decided to use the same picture from the panel card, even though it was a bit grainy, but I was able to "blow it up" to regular size.  All in total 18 new Expos cards had to be created to fill out the team.

From Dawson's 1977 rookie panel card taken @Shea.  The "hawk" would go on to win the 1977 NL Rookie of the year and signal the rise of the Expos into contention over the next 5 or 6 seasons.  Dawson was always one of my favorite players.  Unfortunately for him his knees were wrecked even before he subjected them to the crappy carpet at Olympic Stadium.  Still he put together a HOF career that landed him in Cooperstown.  I met him this father's day at the HOF game in Cooperstown and I have to say he's one heck of a nice guy.  I actually busted his chops for wearing a Marlins jersey.  I said, "Why not your Expo jersey, Hawk?"  His reply, "Doesn't fit anymore !"

Taken from his 78 Topps Card.  Clearly taken @ Shea.
From a 8x10 glossy taken in Dodger Stadium
Notice just how much he choked up on the bat ?  Even the lightest hitters playing today refuse to choke up, especially when they have 2 strikes.  Is it any wonder why strikeouts are up ?
From his 1977 rookie panel card.  He would go on to have a find career as a "swingman" for both the Expos and Tigers.

Custom airbrush.  Pasted head shot from his '77 Orioles card onto a 1982 Fleer photo of Scott Sanderson

Airbrushed cap and jacket from his '78 Minor league card.

From a small glossy shot

From a small glossy shot

From his panel rookie card

From a small glossy photo

From his '78 Topps card.  Bahnsen had some good years in the AL with the Yankees and the Chisox.  He came to Montreal and had 4 or 5 solid years in the bullpen as a setup man and middle reliever.

From a small glossy photo

Stadium Game Program Cover

From his 1974 Topps Card taken @ Shea

8x10 glossy.  The "Crow" never seemed to smile in any photos that he took.  For the longest time he was the only lefty bat in a predominantly right handed lineup.  He split time between 1st and right field and had a gun for an arm.  He would have spent more time in right if Ellis Valentine was ahead of him with a canon for an arm.

8x10 glossy shot taken in Wrigley.  By the time McEnaney arrived in Montreal his arm was abused from years in Cincy where he was a top guy in Dr. Hook's relief staff.

From his '78 Topps card

8x10 glossy

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